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Natural Oils For Healthy Hair

New hairstyles and their demands are gradually weakening and even destroying our hair.

Well, I torture my hair every day as you do, but at the same time I try to compensate the harm the hair dryers and chemical applications do to them. How?

Fortunately, we have some natural sources at our disposal that are easy to apply and quite effective. Moreover, they are natural and chemical free, so there is no need to worry about their side effects.

Natural hair care oils may serve as a good stimuli for our hair to withstand new style trends.

Essential oils may be applied to hair both as moisturizers and as conditioners.

If they are used as moisturizers, they must be applied before you wash your hair. Oil your hair for a minimum of one hour before washing.

If you use an essential oil as a conditioner you have to apply it after you wash your hair. In this case, apply a very little amount of it on your wet hair. If you apply too much oil, your hair will look dirty and greasy.

Here are some essential oils you can apply on your hair:

Basil is good for oily hair. It also contributes to hair growth.
Chamomile is good for normal hair. It gives some golden glow to your hair.
Clary sage is good for any type of hair. It copes with dandruff.
Lavender acts like a scrub for the scalp. It deals with dandruff and itchiness. It even does away with lice.
Lemon is good for oily hair. Like lavender, lemon also deals with dry scalp, itchiness, dandruff and lice.
Patchouli and tea tree oil have the same effect as lemon and lavender.
Ylang-ylang and rosemary herbal oils deals with dandruff.
Rose oil is good for normal hair. It has a soothing effect both on hair and scalp.
Olive oil has a nourishing and conditioning effect. It boosts the elasticity of hair.
Jojoba soothes dry and itchy scalp. It also nourishes your skin.
Castor oil helps to prevent and reduce hair loss.
Aloe vera and nettles prevent hair loss.
So, ladies, there’s a good saying: “Prevention is better than cure.” Think this over, and don’t leave your hair out to dry.

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